The best hiking trails in Park City

During the summer months, Park City's famous ski mountains are transformed into trail systems that draw in hikers from both the local area and around the country. From stunning summit views to a peaceful stroll through fields of wildflowers, there is a trail for all levels and abilities in Park City.Farm Trail | Easy

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Photo: Park City Mountain

The Farm Trail is comprised of paved roads and is perfect for the whole family! Stretching for several miles, you'll also pass Park City's historic McPolin Barn off Highway 224, which is also the perfect place to stop for a few photos. The long trail system allows hikers to walk as far as they want while enjoying McLeod Creek and a meadow of grazing horses.

Round Valley Rail Trail System | Easy

The hills and valleys around this system provide over 30 miles of trail, including soft-surface double track and flowing single track. Sitting at 6,500 feet, this trail system is popular for hiking from early spring to late fall. During the winter months the trail system is used primarily for Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, trail running and fat biking. Access can be found in multiple spots, including Quinn's Junction and Old Ranch Road.

Lambs Canyon Trail | Moderate

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Photo: Lambs Canyon Trail

Located just outside Park City, Lambs Canyon is perfect for hikers who want to get on the trail quickly, but also want to avoid the crowds in Millcreek Canyon. This trail offers a good amount of shade, and is surrounded by beautiful aspens and wildflowers. With an elevation gain of about 1,400 feet, this hike can be more challenging than easier trails. Lambs Canyons trail is 3.5 miles roundtrip, and ends at Lambs Canyon Pass, but hikers can continue further to Millcreek Ridge.

Spiro Trail | Moderate

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Spiro Trail

This trail is a more heavily-trafficked area on Park City Mountain due to its popularity with mountain bikers. To avoid bikers, it's suggested to hike early or late in the day. To reach the trail, take the Silver Spur trail from the base or head through golf course neighborhood where the trail hits Crescent Road. On the trail, you'll receive the pleasure of wildflowers and clumps of aspens while looking down on the Park City valley. This eight-mile loops provides about 1,800 feet in elevation gain and is rated moderate for the uphill switchbacks.

Iron Canyon Trail | Moderate

Iron Canyon Trail in Park City, Utah
Photo: Iron Canyon Trail

This trail is perfect for those looking to get their lungs working and see beautiful views in a short amount of time. At only two miles out & back, the Iron Canyon Trail provides 900 feet in elevation gain, and can be steep and rocky in places. Although most of this hike takes place through a wooded area, the real treat comes at the end with views over old town Park City and Park City Mountain. To reach the trailhead, make sure you go to the end of Iron Mountain Ct. where you'll find the unmarked trail, next to the no parking sign.

Deer Valley Resort | Moderate

The Deer Valley Resort trail is a 7.6 mile loop through the resort area that leads to spectacular views of Deer Valley and Jordanelle Reservoir. This loop is comprised of several trails in the area, including Bald Mountain, Ontario and Silver Lake. In addition to hiking, this trail system is also home to mountain biking and horseback riding in the summer. The 1,300-foot elevation gain can be more strenuous to hikers not used to the higher altitude, so it's suggested to bring plenty of water and take breaks as needed.

Mid Mountain Trail | Strenuous

Mid Mountain Trail in Park City, Utah
Photo: Mid Mountain trail

This trail features classic Wasatch single track with a lot of climbing, descending and ridge-top hiking through aspen and pine forests. Meandering at 8,000 feet, this trail runs from the Canyons to Park City Mountain and eventually through Deer Valley, allowing hikers to go whatever distance they want. With brief passes through wildflower meadows, much of the hike is along the ridge, allowing stunning views of the valley below. The southern section of the trail is more flat and mellow, while the northern section is where the classic climbs come in. Trail access can be found at many points, including along the Armstrong trail, Spiro trail, Deer Valley and Sweeney.

Fantasy Ridge | Strenuous

Commonly known as the most difficult trail in the Canyons area, Fantasy Ridge begins at Tombstone Peak and winds to the top of Peak 9350, the highest peak at the Canyons. 1,890 feet of elevation gain bring you panoramic views of Park City and Uinta Mountains. Hikers looking to travel further can continue across Fantasy Ridge to a knife edge, requiring some technical hiking over talus rock. Once you hit the road, simply follow to the summit! 

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